Chapter 4

Extra information with the exercises

Exercise 1: Breathe
How to calm down by taking deep breaths. Duration: 3.41
Exercise 1: Breathe
Song for youngest kids about belly breathe with Elmo. Duration: 2:25
Exercise 3: Hippopotamus
Wild life of hippo’s in South Africa.                       Duration 0:35
Exercise 3: Hippopotamus
Explanation (variation). Duration: 2:06
Exercise 3: Hippopotamus
Explanation (variation). Duration: 5:34
Exercise 7: Helicopter
This film shows different helicopters. Duration: 5:55
Excercise 4: Starfish
Film showing  starfishes. Duration: 1:36
Exercise 13: Tumbler
Film showing a tumbler. Duration: 0:08
Exercise 15: Happy with myself
Thich Nhat Hanh explains how to stop worrying. Duration: 3:00
Exercise 19: Sun beam
Altru├»sm: being kind. Duration: 3:09
Exercise 23: Mind in a jar
Duration: 1:12
Excercise 42: Mandala with materials
Monks create a sand mandala. Duration: 3:55
Excercise 47: Raisin
Eating mindfully (with Thich Nhat Hanh). Duration: 5:55
Exercise 49: Ah… music
Surprise for unsuspecting visitors of a couch. Duration 3:03

4.3 Friendly wishes

This clip shows what a compliment can do. Duration: 4:47