The music can be used as background music during mindfulness exercises. It can also be used for mindfulness exercise 49: listening carefully.

With each song the length is mentioned. In addition to that, each song has additional information about artists, music, composer or other details you can share with the children.

Many thanks to all the musicians that have shared their music with us!

Sandra de Bruin with Hans & Jonne Damen

Sandra de Bruin studied classical pianoat the conservatoria in Amsterdam. As a piano player she played in many performances in youth theatre shows in Europe, Hong Kong, Canada en the USA (including Broadway New York).
In this track Sandra cooperates with Hans en Jonne Damen. Jonne is the singer, only 16 years young when she sang this. Hans is Jonnes father and took care of the recordings.

Website and contact

      Om namah shivajah

Duration: 6:26

Composer: Sandra de Bruin
Instruments: piano & zang
Extra information: This is a mantra which you can sing with the pupils. More information about mantra’s can be found at page 104 of ‘Mindful at School’.

Text: Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya

Oscar Rodrigues

Oscar Rodriques studied guitar music at the conservatorium in Porto and now is a performer and music teacher at Casa de Musica en Curso de Música de Silva Monteiro in Porto (Portugal)

He composed this track especially for  ‘Mindful at School’.

Webpagina Oscar Rodrigues 


Duration: 14:28

Composer: Oscar Rodrigues
Composed in: 2019
Instrument: Computer

Petros Stergiopoulos

Petros Stergiopoulos graduated cum laude at the concervatorium in Athens in 2002. Nu is teacher flute music and  solist flute player at concerts.. 




      A Tribute to Astor

Duration: 2:46

Composer: Petros Stergiopoulos
Composed in: 2003
Instrument: Flute
Extra information: This number is an honour to composer Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992). You can hear the atmosphere of  Piazolla’s compositions.


Rallion is a traditional folk trio from Schotland. They combine several musical influences to create their music.  Violin: Fiona Cuthill, Voice: Marieke McBean, gitar and bouzouki: Stevie Lawrence.

Photo: Ken Thomson

Both tracks are a little up-tempo and useful for moving exercises or listening (exercise 49).

      The Jolly Robber

Duration: 4:22

A traditional English Folksong, arranged by Rallion in 2016.
Instruments: voice, gitar, violin, bodhran 
Composer: written by the Scottish songwriter Robert Tannahill
Composed in: 18th century 

      Hey Donald

Duration: 3:11

A traditional English folksong arranged by Rallion in 2016
Instruments: voice, guitar, violin, bouzouki
Composer: nobody knows!

Dennis Kivit

Dennis Kivit studied guitar at the conservatorium of The Hague in the Netherlands and since then practices yoga and meditation. A Jazz musician is always in the here and now, and listens to what appears to get musical interaction: ‘To be, or not to be.’
Dennis played in all theatres of the Netherlands and got a golden double CD award for ‘les Miserables’ and was the singer of a-capella group Montezuma’s Revenge. Now Dennis teaches music and works and tours as a singer songwriter. His main work is doing meditation concerts.

Websites and contact: &

      Adem door je hart

Duration: 3:53

Composer: Dennis Kivit
Composed in: 2016
Instruments: gitar and voice

Heleen en Martine Nijenhuis


Heleen en Martine are sisters and play together a lot. They prefer to play at 432 Hz, which is connected to nature and our hearts. Music connects!
These tracks are from the CD ‘Joy’, which can be send. PLease contact:



Duration: 3:05

Composer: Erik Satie
Composed in: 1888
Instruments: violin en piano
Subtitle: Whales

      To a Wild Rose

Duration: 2:35

Composer: McDowell
Composed in: 1896
Instruments: viool en piano
Subtitle: Winterkoninkje

Jan Kuiper

The past 40 years Jan Kuiper crossed the World as a Jazz guitarist. His career started when he got his first guitar when he was 15. 
Since 1999 Jan Kuiper is not only a musician but also a Yogi master. He was educated by for example Robert Boustany and David Swenson. Jan combines Yoga and Music in the concept of Yoga in Concert: yoga lessons in theatres with live music. In 2013 Jan published his first book about yoga, music and meditation. More information and events can be found at his website.

Website and contact:


Composer: Jan Kuiper
Composed in: 2015
Instrument: gitaar

All tracks are from the cd Wu Wei, which can be ordered at the website mentioned above.

      Wu Wei

Duration: 7:37

      Beginners Mind

Duration: 7:39


Duration: 7:19

      Ochtend in de Westpolder

Duration: 9:11

      De Branding

Duration: 5:45

      Bomen van Kristal

Duration: 5:19


Duration: 3:17

      De Noordkaap

Duration: 6:35

      Een Regendruppel...

Duration: 2:16

Silvia Dragt

Silvia’s mission is to use music as a tool to connect people with their inner self. More music is available at her website.

Website & contact: 


Duration: 4:11

Instrument: Piano
Composed in: 2015
Composer: Silvia Dragt


Duration: 3:51

Instrument: Piano
Composed in: 2015
Composer: Silvia Dragt

Patrick Broekema


Patrick Broekema plays guitar, bouzouki, flute (tin whistle & low whistle), mandoline and cuatro. He performs in theatres and at festivals. Patrickplays in the Dutch folkband Finvarra . These tracks are from his solo album. Website and contact:


      Gymnopedie no. 1

Duration: 3:14

Composer: Erik Satie
Composed in: 1888
Instrument: gitaar

      Sor Study 22 opus 60

Duration: 1:40

Composer: Fernando Sor
Composed between: 1778–1839
Instrument: gitaar
Extra information: Opus 60 werd in 1837 in Parijs gepubliceerd als studiemethode met een opbouwende moeilijkheidsgraad. Een van de mooiste negentiende eeuwse gitaarcollecties.


Duration: 2:53

Composer: Patrick Broekema
Composed in: 2016
Instrument: gitaar
Extra information: Gecomponeerd in de trein geïnspireerd door het voorbijtrekkende landschap.

      Ural Rowan Tree

Duration: 2:16

Composer: onbekend
Instrument: gitaar
Extra information: Dit is een Russisch volksliedje dat gaat over een meisje dat zittend onder de lijsterbes mijmert over haar liefde voor twee jongens en twijfelt  welke ze moet kiezen.

Peter Gouw

Peter Gouw is a musician, teacher eand healer at Ohmpunctuur. Peter uses a great diversity of instruments..

Website and contact:

      Kokopelli Song

Duration: 7:42

Composer: Peter Gouw
Composed in: 2012
Instruments: o.a. fluit (dubbele native american flute)
Extra information: Kokopelli is een indiaanse vruchtbaarheidsgod  en stelt de geest van de muziek voor. De fluit staat voor de levensenergie van het hart, de trommels staan voor de energie van de aarde. Alles wat je in het nummer hoort, (ook de natuurgeluiden) is gemaakt door instrumenten.

      Love Meditation...

Duration: 18:46

Composer: Peter Gouw
Composed in: 2012
Instruments: meditatiepan, gong, oceandrum
Extra information: Dit nummer bouwt langzaam op en is speciaal gecomponeerd om je lichaam en geest te ontspannen. Je kunt dit nummer dus goed gebruiken om je gedachten van de dag los te laten (en dat zijn er veel!)

Trio Sagaro / Jan Linssen


Trio Sagaro is a cooperation between the Dutch musicians Jan Linssen (vocalist, guitarist):, Anadya Wouters (vocalist): and Diana Saraswati de Vries (harp): 

In the track Here I am violin player Martine Stulp joins.


      Gayatri mantra

Duration: 6:27

Melody composed in: 2008 door Jan Linssen
Artist: Trio Sagaro
Instruments: Harp en guitar
Extra information: The text of this mantra is found in the Rig Veda between 1700 and 1100 before Christ. More information about mantra’s can be found at page 104 of the book.

      Here I Am

Duration: 5:31

Composer: Jan Linssen
Composed in: 2016
Artists: Jan Linssen and Martine Stulp
Instruments: Guitar, vocals, violin

      Spirit of the wind

Duration: 8:06

Composer and artist: Jan Linssen
Composed in: 2016
Instruments: Guitar and vocals


Duration: 5:34

Composer: Jan Linssen
Composed in: 2008
Artist: Trio Sagaro
Instruments: Gitaar en zang
Extra information: This language is Aramese.  The text is known as the ‘Our father’.

      Zuiver Mijn Hart

Duration: 4:33

Composer and artist: Jan Linssen
Composed in: 2016
Instrument: Guitar and vocals


Duration: 4:51

Composer: Jan Linssen
Composed in:
Trio Sagaro
Harp, guitar and vocalt
Extra information:
Arati is an old Indian prayer and can be translated as ‘the waves of light’


Ernesto Arrendell & Zou Diarra



Ernesto Arrendell is born at Aruba. Zou(mana) Diarra is born in Mali. Both live in the Netherlands now. Ernesto is a story teller and uses music in his performanceses. Ernesto and Zoumana play a diversity of percussion instruments.

Contact Ernesto: Website:

Contact Zou: Website:

      8 Saturn

Duration: 5:48

Composer: Ernesto Arrendell
Composed in: 2005
Instruments: percussion


Duration: 2:04

Composer: Ernesto Arrendell
Composed in: 2005
Instruments: percussion


Duration: 5:24

Composer: Ernesto Arrendell
Composed in: 2005
Instruments: percussion

      Ochtend (Deel 1)

Duration: 6:19

Composer: Ernesto Arrendell
Composed in: 2005
Instruments: percussion

Simon Nathan & Carlton Pennypacker

Simon Nathan is a composer en orchestra director in London and Camebridge, UK. For this composition he cooperated with Carlton Pennypacker from the US.
Simon wrote over 600 compositions for costumers like the BBC and many orchestra’s in the UK and Ireland.

Website and contact:

      Skylight Finale backing track

Duration: 5:15

Composers: Carl Pennypacker & Simon Nathan
Composed in: 2015
Musician: Simon Nathan
Instrument: Synthesizer
Extra information: This is composed for ‘Skylight’, a performance of the Global Science Opera 2015. Global Science Opera is a cooperation between scientists, artists and pupils in many country’s who make an opera. Find more about the GSO at the website:

SPRAK Orchestra


SPRAK is a Swedish improvisation-music group. The performers all have physical disabilities and search for ways to express themselves by using music. Most of the instruments are self made!




Duration: 4:27

Composer: Ritar Egna Kartor
Composed in: 2016
Subtitle: Hemvändarsång

      Längtan Bort

Duration: 6:22

Composer: Ritar Egna Kartor
Composed in: 2016

Carlton Pennypacker, Stephen Hawking and Orchestra

These tracks are composed by professor Carlton Pennypacker, astrofysicus at the Universtity of Berkeley in California in the USA. The texts are written by professor Stephen Hawking, from the UK. 
All musicians and vocalists are from California.
The tracks are very suitable to listen to (exercise 49). You can find the texts underneath.

      The music of time

Duration: 4:02

      Children of darkness

Duration: 6:46

      I have been fortunate

Duration: 5:40

It’s a matter of time,
We must play our part,
When you get to the end
Then it’s time to start,
Then it’s time to start …

Dance a roundelay to the music of time
One step forward and
One step back.
All of nature knows
The secret of time
Everything you get in life
You must give back.

See the mountains rise from the bed of the sea
Stop, Go, Turn around.
Back to the future,
On to the past
Spinning and
Whirling and
Turning around

Time is forever
But nothing can last
Stop Go Turn around

Time is forever
But nothing can last
Stop Go Turn around

It’s a matter of time
In the songwriter’s art
When you get to the rhyme
Then it’s back to the start
Then it’s back to the start.

Dance a roundelay to the music of time
Everything ahead of you
And all behind.
Step into the light,
Promenade, take a bow,
Turn and take your place
At the end of the line.

See the star that’s born in a cradle of fire
Stop, Go, Turn around
See the star destroyed in a radiant pyre
Stop, Go, Turn around

Back to the future,
On to the past
Spinning and
whirling and
Turning around
Time is forever
But nothing can last

Stop, Go, Turn around
It’s a matter of time
It can break your heart,
When you get to the end
Then it’s time to start
Then it’s time to start …